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Facebook down
Mapa korisnika koji prijavljuju probleme

Facebook DOWN: Social network outage affecting thousands of users

Facebook users appear to be unable to access the social network site and app, which is experiencing offline server issues.

The Facebook outage has started earlier this morning, as fans flooded rival social media sites saying they couldn’t login.

At the time of writing, independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered more than 3,000 reports from users insisting Facebook is plagued with an outage.


A map on the site showed the UK, US and large areas of Europe are affected by the connection issues. Facebook outage issues have also hit parts of Asia.

Facebook u problemu
Mapa korisnika koji prijavljuju probleme

thers have also reported having problems accessing Instagram and in some cases WhatsApp. facebook down!

Facebook started experiencing problems late on Sunday morning, according to independent website DownDetector.

The site has logged more than 4,700 reports from users struggling to access it.


It appears to be a global problem as there are reports of issues world wide.

The outage is also affecting users who use the mobile site and desktop version.

With the service unavailable, people have been taking to Twitter – to talk about Facebook being down.

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